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Hi, I'm Ms. Elizabeth Ryan,
     This is my 14th year teaching 7th Grade at St. John's. I ran the after school program before I began teaching full-time.  This year I will be teaching 7th Grade Social Studies, Literature, English, and Computers.  I will also be teaching 6th Grade Social Studies.
    I enjoy traveling, snowboarding, running, hiking, cooking, reading, knitting, art, hanging out with my friends, and learning new things.

Favorite Foods: Chocolate, Popcorn, Sushi,
                 Mexican, Ethiopean, and Thai Food
Favorite Drink:  Water, Soy Chai
Favorite Movies: Princess Bride
     Last Movie I Saw: Monsters University
Favorite Book:  To Kill a Mockingbird
     Right Now I'm Reading: Trial of Socrates
Favorite Summer Poem: "From Blossoms"  by Li-Young Lee (see below)
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Place: The beach (In Malaysia preferably)

Read "From Blossoms"



Office hours: By appointment
Office Phone Number: 481-8845
      My Extension:          Ext. 208
My Home Number:  Is this an
emergency? 628-6261 If not, call the office number

email me at: