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Summer Haiku Assignment

The pond's dark waters -
only stepping stones covered
with the first snowfall

~ James Kirkup

Poetry works through images, not explanations.

       Write a haiku that describes a part of your summer. 

       See pages 424 and 425 in your English book for help.

       Follow the instructions on page 525.

       You must follow the 5-7-5 format.

       Center it in the middle of the page.

       You must draw a picture.

       I must be a large enough font that it can be read on the board; take up the whole page!

       Attach this sheet.

       It is due ________________



____/10   It follows the 5-7-5 rule

____/10 It used descriptive language that creates an image, not an explanation

____/10 It is typed and has no spelling errors

____/10 It has a picture that relates

____/10 You followed the rules

_____/50 TOTAL

                                                                             Name & # _________________________

                                                                             Parent Signature ____________________