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6th Grade
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Ancient China:                         Name and # _________________

You may go to my website and click on ancient China  or type

Save it into your favorites.

Go to Crafts and Artisans:  Click on the picture.  Read the page.  Answer the questions below.

What were the two prized materials? _______________________________________

What did the Chinese keep secret? _________________________________________

Read the story of jade and answer the questions.

From what is the jade formed? _________________________________

What was the jade used to make? ______________________________

What is a bi? _______________________________

Go to Explore: Read about jade.

Why is jade valued? _________________________________________________

Jade is a symbol of what? _____________________________________________

Why were people buried with jade? _____________________________________

Go to the challenge and learn about silk.

In the silk legend who discovers silk thread? ____________________________

Click on the Ancient China symbol. Go to writing and read.

The Chinese do not have letters but use ______________________________

Read the story:

What did they believe cured malaria? __________________________________

What were the dragon bones really? ____________________________________

For what had the ancient kings used them? _____________________________________

You may read and play the challenge.

Go to Tombs and Ancestors:

What could dead ancestors do for you? ______________________________________

Explore the ancient tomb. Click on objects in the rooms.

What happened to the lord’s servants when the lord died? _________________________

Continue reading and exploring Ancient China.

What were 2 other cool things you learned?



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