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6th Grade
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Act 1 Study Guide

Act 1

  • Where does the story take place?
  • Where is there an example of an Elizabethan sonnet in the first act?


Act1 Scene 1

  • Who is the Chorus?
  • Who tries to prevent the brawl?
  • Who escalates it?
  • What does the Prince say will happen is they fight again?
  • Why are Romeo’s parents concerned?
  • Who offers to help?
  • What does Romeo tell him is the problem?


Act 1 Scene 2

  • What are Paris and Capulet discussing when the scene opens?
  • What does Capulet tell Paris about this?
  • How does FATE tell Romeo about the party?
  • In what line do we find out the name of Romeo’s love?


Act 1 Scene 3

  • Which 3 characters are in Scene 3?
  • What are they discussing?
  • What is Juliet’s reaction?
  • Use three adjectives to describe the Nurse


Act 1 Scene 4

  • Use three adjective to describe Mercutio
  • Use three adjective to describe Romeo
  • What are they discussing?
  • Lines 113-120 is an example of foreshadowing.  What?


Act 1 Scene 5

  • Lines 51-60 are the first words Romeo says about Juliet. What is different about this part?  Why?
  • What happens between Capulet and Tybalt? 
  • Lines 104- 122 Are the first communication between Romeo and Juliet.  What do you notice about the way Shakespeare wrote this part?  Why? 
  • Romeo refers to Juliet’s hands as what? His lips?  What does this mean?
  • How does Act 1 end? What do you think will happen next?

Romeo and Juliet Act 2: Study Guide

Scene 1:

  1. Where has Romeo gone?
  2. Who is looking for him?
  3. Benvolio refers to Romeo’s love as___________?
  4. Both Benvolio and Mercutio see Romeo’s love is immature.  How would you support their belief?

Scene 2:

  1. Romeo’s first line refers to Mercutio.  What do think he means?  This is foreshadowing of later scenes- remember this!
  2. Romeo speaks in poetry when he sees Juliet. Why?
  3. Why does Juliet fear Romeo being in the garden?
  4. Romeo refers to Juliet and his love for her as what in line 3?  Go back and see to what he compares Rosaline in Act 1, Scene 1, line 217 to whom? This is the Moon Goddess.  Now read lines 4-10.  What is Romeo saying?
  5. A soliloquy is a monologue in which a character in a play is alone and speaking to him(her)self.
  6. Juliet’s famous soliloquy is about Romeo and the fact that the man she loves is her enemy.  What is the famous quote that is so often misunderstood?
  7. Juliet in concerned in line 100 of being “won too quickly.” What is she worried about? Why?
  8. Explain lines 46-47.
  9. What do they decide to do by the end of the scene?
  10.  Parting is such sweet sorrow!


Scene 3

  1. Where does this scene take place?
  2. Who has Romeo gone to see and why?
  3. What is the Friar doing when Romeo arrives? What is he talking about?
  4. Who does the Friar think Romeo has come to marry?
  5. What is his response to the new love?
  6. Why does he agree to help?
  7. How does the Friar’s plan alter the outcome of the play?


Scene 4

  1. Who has challenged Romeo to a duel?
  2. Who arrives and interrupts the boys’ discussion?
  3. Who does Romeo refer to when he says, “loves to hear himself talk”?
  4. What do the nurse and Romeo discuss? 

Scene 5

  1. 1.      What is Juliet complaining about in her opening soliloquy?

    2.      Why does she become frustrated with the nurse?

    3.      Nurse brings what news?

    4.      Where are Romeo and Juliet going to meet and for what reason?


    Scene 6

    1.      Where does this scene take place?

    2.      What does the friar foreshadow will happen?

    3.      How does it end?


Act 3 Study Guide


Scene 1

  1. The Act begins with a fight.  Who starts the fight?
  2. Why does Tybalt want to fight? 
  3. Why does Romeo try to avoid fighting?
  4. What is the result?
  5. Mercutio says, “tomorrow you find me a grave man.” What are the two meanings of this?  Why is it so like him?
  6. What is the judgment the Prince passes on Romeo?
  7. How does this alter the outcome of our play? Romeo says, “O, I am fortune’s fool!”   Discuss how this is another sign of Shakespeare’s idea of fate.


Scene 2

  1. The nurse brings what news to Juliet?
  2. Why is this particularly difficult for Juliet?


Scene 3

  1. What is Romeo’s response to hearing he received a “gentler judgment”?
  2. How do you feel about Romeo and his response?  Is it in line with his character?
  3. Who does Romeo go to for help?
  4. What is his advice/plan?
  5. Where will Romeo go?


Scene 4

  1. What is happening when this scene opens?  How is this a major shift?
  2. What is agreed upon?
  3. What problems does this present?


Scene 5

  1. How does this scene begin? 
  2. What bird is mentioned? What does it represent?
  3. Juliet vacillates in what she wants. Why?
  4. When Juliet’s mother arrives, what does she think is wrong with Juliet?
  5. What does Juliet’s mother tell her?
  6. What is Juliet’s response?
  7. How does her father respond?
  8. What does the nurse suggest?  How does this reinforce her personality?
  9. How has fate again prevented this love



Act 4 Study Guide


Scene 1

Who is visiting Friar when the scene begins?

Who shows up?

What is Juliet’s solution to the impending marriage to Paris?

What is Friar’s solution?

What day is the marriage supposed to take place?

What do you think of this plan? What else could they have done?


Scene 2

What does Juliet tell her father when she returns from the friar’s cell?

What does he do in response?

How does this change the plan?

What problems will this cause?

How has fate interfered again to prevent the lovers from being together?


Scene 3

Why is Juliet trying to get her mother and Nurse to leave her?

In her soliloquy, Juliet is concerned about taking the potion. List 5 things she fears.

Juliet has not told the friar of her change in plans; how might this lack of communication change the outcome of the plan?

What is another example earlier of lack of communication?


Scene 4

What is happening in this scene?

What does Capulet send Nurse to do?


Scene 5

What does the nurse find?

What does Capulet do with the wedding celebration?


Act 5

Romeo and Juliet Act 5- Study Guide


Scene 1:

In what town does scene 1 take place?

Who has arrived and what does he tell?

What is an apothecary?

What does Romeo ask the apothecary and why?

What does he tell Romeo?

What is Romeo’s plan?

How has Fate played her hand again?


Scene 2

What news does Friar John bring to Friar Laurence?

What does Friar Laurence do?


Scene 3

Where does this final scene take place?

At the beginning of the scene, who is outside Juliet’s tomb?

Who arrives and confronts him?

What happens?

What is Paris’s final wish?

What does Romeo do when he is inside the tomb?

Who arrives next?

What makes him run off?

What does Juliet do?

What happens when the Capulets arrive?

What does the Friar do?

What is the end result of the play?

What do you think of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?

Why do you think this play has been so popular?