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Early American Civilization Study Guide


Know the key terms.

How did people get to North America?  They came from where?  Why?

Understand the Bering Land Bridge

Did the Olmec have social levels?  How do they know?  Who was at the top?

In what modern day region were the Olmec?

What was the main Olmec god?

Mayans live in what modern countries? 

Their cities were built around what?

Understand the Mayan farming techniques.

Know the 5 ways they adapted farming to the harsh climates.

What was their belief about gods and how did they please them?

How many calendars did the Mayans have?  How many days? Were they accurate?

What was their writing system?

What and where is the altiplano? Who lived there? How did they adapt?

Where did the Moche live?  How did they adapt to the problems in their environment?

What is the Lords of Sipan?

Understand the role of the Llama, jaguar, and condor in these societies.