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7th Grade Research Paper

Your paper will be about an inspirational person who has changed the world. You should have already completed your research on your person.  We have learned how to choose a reliable source, how to use direct quotes, how to paraphrase, how to cite work in your paper, how to write a Works Cited, what plagiarism is, and what is expected.  If you have any questions about what has already been covered, please ask me for help today. 

Now it is time to put all that you have learned into action!  I have divided your paper into smaller pieces so you will stay on track and we can discuss any problems that come up.


 Your paper will have 5 paragraphs.  You will have an introductory paragraph, a concluding paragraph, and three body paragraphs.  You will be expected to write in proper paragraph form, using topic sentences, supporting sentences, and transition or concluding sentences.  You will also need a clear thesis statement and catchy Hey! Statement. I am not giving you a page limit (approximately 2-5 pages), but I can assure you that this cannot be done correctly in less than 2 pages.  Your paper will also be properly cited and include a works cited (bibliography). 


Important Dates:

Bring all of your materials to class each day.  I suggest that you have a folder or binder with all of your handouts organized in it.


Mon. May 11: body paragraph outlines complete- know what quotes you are going to use and be prepared to cite them.

Tues. May 12: 1st body paragraph due.  It must be typed and include at least one direct quote and one paraphrase; both of these need to be properly cited.

Thurs. May 14: 1st and 2nd body paragraphs due.  They must be typed and both should include at least one direct quote and one paraphrase; both of these need to be properly cited.

Fri. May 15: All 3 body paragraphs are due. 

Mon. May 18: Completed typed 5 paragraph research paper is due.   Make sure your Works Cited is included.

Tues. May 19: Corrected double spaced typed final paper due. All your drafts will be attached.  I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE PAPERS.


You will get credit for each of these assignments that is on time.  Writing a proper research paper with MLA citations is an important skill; please make the most of this opportunity.



I have read this handout and understand the project and timeframe.


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