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The Outsiders Plot Project:

You will use your understanding of plot and the literary terms associated with plot to create a visual map of The Outsiders.  You will use the literary terms to explain the novel.  These will be typed, written in complete sentences, and will be correctly spelled.  Then they will be mounted on a poster next to the correct place on a plot line (the jagged line that looks like a mountain that we have used to discuss plot- see below).  You will also add artwork to enhance your poster.  Remembering that you are a Self-Aware Individual who recognizes that art enhances learning, you will strive to make your poster visually pleasing. 

Your poster will have the following terms: exposition, inciting incident, conflict, 3 examples of rising action, climax, falling action, denouement, and 2 examples of foreshadowing. Make sure you mention the setting, protagonist, antagonist(s), and the point of view when you explain the exposition.  

It will help you to keep up with this throughout the book.  Take good notes and pay attention to when these plot points happen.    You may create a PowerPoint of this assignment or do the posterboard.  


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