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Explorer Assignment:


1.     Go to Enchanted Learning, Explorers @  Choose 1400s or Early 1500s.

2.     Read the short bios on the explorers and choose one you are interested in researching.  Ask me if he is OK. 

3.     When you have approval, read the longer bio and begin doing other research.

4.     You need to find the following information:

a.     Explorer’s name and dates of birth and death

b.     Where they sailed and for what country they sailed

c.      Their route with major stops, you will need a map of route.

                                                             i.      When did they set sail?

                                                           ii.      When did they arrive home?

d.     Type of ship with picture

e.      Did they accomplish their goal?  What did they discover? How long did it take? 

f.       Try to find journal entries.

g.      Picture of your explorer

h.     Why they made history

5.     You will create a PowerPoint presentation with the above information.  It will be formatted like a journal or travel log.  You will have daily entries with the above information included.

a.     Do your research and know your explorer!

b.     Make it look like a journal

c.      Use proper grammar

d.      Have fun!