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Writing Sample

This document shows you how to add a text box and reminds you how to add a picture.  Let’s start with the picture. The important thing to remember is you can layer work in Microsoft.  You need to bring some to the front and others to the back. This is done by going to the format button and moving the item.  First you must click on the picture so that the computer knows that you want to move that item. Then in the format tab (no format tab? You haven’t clicked on your picture!), find the text wrapping button.  Click on what you want. Try clicking on THROUGH.  Then pick up your picture and place it where you want it.  What happened? Try a few others to see what happens. 

Now let’s create a text box. Go to insert and click on Text Box

Fantasy Travel Incorporated

North Pole Excursions

Take a trip to Santa’s workshops and see where all the magic takes place!  You will leave the mundane world of work and school and head to the chilly icy regions of the world.  Travelling by sleigh will give you a sense of the speed at which Santa delivers all the good children’s gifts.  Within an hour you will be in the elves’ workshops where all the toys are made.  Take a turn at building a bike or programming a computer.  You will have an afternoon of fun in the workshop before heading to Mrs. Claus’s kitchen, where you will bake gingerbread cookies and see what elves eat.  Before heading home, stop in and pet the reindeer.  You will be back in time for your own magical Christmas, knowing all the secrets behind the fun! 

reindeer fun

cookies with Mrs. Claus

ride in the sleigh

make gifts