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Highlight the text below and copy it  into Word.

            This is a document that you can copy and paste so that you can learn how to change the layout of a page including the margins. There are many uses for these skills. You might want to change the layout of the paper so that it prints lengthwise instead of the regular paper.  You can also use different size paper.  We will also look at column, page breaks, page numbers, headers and footers, and other useful formatting techniques.  These are great skills to have when writing a paper, making a birthday invitation, or writing to the veterans. 

Notice that this paper is double spaced.  We will also learn how to change the spacing of the words and lines to better suit your particular needs for a document.  Most teachers will ask that papers are double spaced.  They do NOT mean that they want you to put two spaces between each word!  They are asking you to put an extra line between each line of type.  Why might a teacher want you to do this?  To waste paper?  Probably not.  The teacher uses this space to edit your paper and give you suggestions.  You might also need to add a table into a document. These are easy to create and can help your reader visualize what you are discussing in your paper. 

OK, let’s try some of these techniques so that we are comfortable with them next time we are creating a document for school or pleasure. It is not difficult, but you will need to listen and follow along so you don’t miss any important steps.  You will be pros at this in no time!