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St. John the Evangelist School
Student Learning Expectations
Upon graduation, the students of St. John the Evangelist will be

Self-Aware Individuals

         who realize the importance of self-respect and self-discipline

         who practice good sportsmanship and healthy competition

         who respect their bodies as gifts from God

         who appreciate the arts through participating in music, art, and drama

         who recognize that art enhances learning

Thinking Individuals

         who meet or exceed diocesan academic standards

         who are creative, resourceful problem solvers

         who take pride and ownership in their work and behavior

         who are responsible, motivated learners

         who use technology competently and responsibly

Active Christians

         who know, love and serve God

         who live and model Christian beliefs and values

         who are prepared for the meaningful reception of the sacraments                            through daily religious instructions

Responsible Individuals

         who respect and celebrate all cultures

         who show love for all God’s creation

         who work together for peace and justice

Our students reach for the STARs!