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Behavior and Homework Charts


The Junior High has a new system to monitor homework and behavior.  This system takes the mystery out of your conduct and effort grade and puts the control of these grades in your hands.  The teachers are excited about this simplified method, and we think you will be, too!

You have been given a bright green chart. On one side is a behavior chart; on the other is a homework chart.  There are lines on the right where your parents will sign and date the charts each week.  You will notice that the behavior chart has a letter grade beside each number.  This letter grade shows you what your conduct grade is at any time.  Each time you misbehave and receive a mark, the teacher will fill in a line.  The number tells you how many marks you have received this trimester.  When you hit a black line, the next mark will lower your grade.  The scale is based on the Diocesan grading scale.  If you get 3 marks in day or 5 in a week, you will have earned behavioral detention.  Behavioral detention is one hour after school where you remain quiet. 

You MUST have your chart with you at all times, in all classes!  I suggest you keep your chart in a page protector in your binder.  If a teacher asks for your chart and you do not have it, you will get behavioral detention.  Each week on Thursday morning, you will turn in your charts. Thursday evening you will have your chart signed. If you lose your chart, your grade will automatically drop one letter grade from the last time it was recorded. Please do not touch another student’s chart.  If you do touch another’s chart, your conduct grade will drop a letter grade and you will serve behavioral detention. 

The homework chart will work in a similar way.  If you do not turn in a completed homework assignment, you will have your homework chart signed by the teacher.  For every three missing assignments in a trimester, you will serve behavioral detention.  Receiving three behavioral detentions is grounds for suspension. 

These charts also give your teachers the chance to recognize you for outstanding behavior or work. Your teachers may use the lines below the chart for comments regarding your performance and demonstration of the ESLRs.

On the positive, you have the power to avert any negative consequences by monitoring your behavior.  For all students that have an A in conduct and have no homework marks at the end of trimester, you will take part in a lunch & root beer float party!  You will also get the monthly free dress day if you do not have any marks (homework or uniform) or behavioral detentions.

Make a choice right now to be at that party on the last day of the trimester!  Brainstorm ways to make that happen and put that plan into action!  See you there!


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